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Naturally PURE “detox-flush” products are carbohydrate-based blends of vitamins which replenish components lost in the hydration process of the regimen and aid intestinal excretion of toxins, usually for a period of 4-5 hours. Our brand of carbo-flushing agents are called Test PURE, and are fully backed by our 300% money-back guarantee.

Test Pure Platinum and Test Pure Platinum MAGNUM FORCE

Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force

Hot!Introduced in 1997, our #1 best- seller 10 Years Running! Test Pure PLATINUM & PLATINUM Magnum Force 1 Hour Liquid Formula is the ultimate carbohydrate-based drink available today! Like our other Test Pure products, Test Pure PLATINUM , when used with the recommended regimen, eliminates the presence of all toxins. No other product on the market works faster. Available in Cherry, Orange and Tropical Fruit. Works in 1 hour. Effective for up to 5 hours. Choose Magnum Force for larger individuals with higher toxin levels.

16oz Test Pure Platinum $29.95  
24oz Test Pure Magnum Force $39.95  

 Platinum MAX DETOX

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Combines our two most powerful detox solutions together giving you the industries most advanced and effective detoxification available anywhere. We Guarantee it!! Works in one hour, One free drug test included.

Platinum MAX DETOX $44.95  

Test Pure Powder and Shaker bottle

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Our first product, introduced in 1992, was lemon-flavored Test Pure® powder in the green and white box. A carbohydrate based vitamin mixture. This remarkable formula contains creatine and comes with two B-complex capsules and when used as a constituent of the recommended regimen has proven extremely successful eliminating the presence of all toxins. Effective 4-5 hours after ingestion. For convenience we blended the entire formulation and added Test Pure® Shaker Bottles in 1995. Both the Test Pure® Boxes and Test Pure® Shaker Bottles are available in Lemon, Cherry, Grape and Orange flavors.

Test Pure Powder $24.95  
Test Pure Shaker Bottle $24.95  

Quick Flush Capsules, Herbal Tea, and Daily Prep Tablets

Quick Flush

Our 3 Yourealitea® products, Quick Flush Herbal Tea, Quick Flush Herbal Capsules & Daily Prep Tablets flush toxins from your body! People with high toxin levels should use our tea or capsules in conjunction with one of our Test Pure® Products. For optimal results, finish consuming either the tea or capsules one hour prior to using Test Pure®.

Quick Flush Capsules $19.95  
Quick Flush Herbal Tea $19.95  
Daily Prep Herbal Tablets $19.95  

Test Pure All-In-One Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner

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Test Pure® All-In-One Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner! This shampoo, when used with acetic acid (common household vinegar) will literally cleanse toxins accumulated in the hair shaft. Test Pure® All-In-One Shampoo & Conditioner has shampoo & conditioner conveniently mixed into one single packet. Simply saturate hair with vinegar, add 1 packet of shampoo to hair, lather into hair and scalp for about 5 minutes, rinse and repeat. It’s that simple. The cleansing effect is temporary, so make sure you use our shampoo the day you wish your hair to be cleansed of toxins.

Test Pure Cleansing Shampoo $39.95  


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IPee Simulated Urine, So real not even a laboratory can tell. 100% undetectable, Preservative free, Comes with dispenser, simulated urine powder, heating pack and temperature gauge.

Note: IPee is sold as a Novelty item Only.

iPee $24.95